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Eloping in the Italian Dolomites

I recently had the privilege of capturing an elopement in an absolute dream location: The Italian Dolomites. Claire and Jordan’s love and the insane mountain backdrop was absolutely unreal. As an elopement photographer, I often find myself so inspired by my couples who choose to exchange their vows in such an intimate way. Sidestepping tradition and honoring Mother Nature in their story. This elopement was an absolute dream.

The Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site, boast insane landscapes that seem almost surreal in their beauty. Towering peaks, dramatic cliffs, and rolling meadows create the perfect backdrop for any elopement. This elopement took place at a beautiful Alpine Lake, tucked high in the mountains, called Lago Di Braies. Surrounded by the iconic mountains that make the Dolomites a sought-after destination for couples, the lake is one of the most beautiful in the world.

Being in the Dolomites was an absolute dream, made better by spending time with Claire and Jordan. Travel, nature, and adventure has been an important part of Claire and Jordan’s relationship so it was important that we do something that honored that. Claire is the perfect little fairy child and Jordan is literally the coolest person. It was so clear to see how much they love each other and how perfect they are for one another.

Claire and Jordan started off the day slow. They made some coffee and cuddled up while it poured rain outside. After a relaxing morning, we headed to Lago Di Braies for their private ceremony where the weathered cleared up. We headed out on the dock and watched the Gatorade blue lake in awe. After taking everything in, they began the ceremony which included the most personal and intimate vows. The ceremony was short, but so meaningful. The joy on their face after was absolutely everything.

Not wanting to rush, they explored the area for the afternoon and then we all headed to Cadini Di Misurina for sunset- a place I’ve dreamt of shooting at for years. The short but strenuous hike was so worth it for the views. We were completed surrounded by the biggest mountains I’ve ever seen and it truly didn’t feel real. I have never experienced anything quite like it. It was, without a doubt, the prettiest place I have ever been in my life. I felt such a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for nature, and the opportunity I had to photograph such a one of a kind love story in such a beautiful place.

The resulting photos from this elopement are ones I am so proud of. My goal for this day was not only to document Claire and Jordan’s love, but also showcase the Dolomites in all their glory. From close-ups capturing small glances to wide shots framing the couple against the jagged peaks, each photograph told a chapter of their love story.

This is truly an experience I’ll never forget. Claire and Jordan truly embrace the spirit of adventure that the Dolomites inspire. Spending time in areas where the only footprints were ours was so inspiring to me. I love that we were able to capture moments that celebrated not just their love but also their shared enthusiasm for exploration.

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